It’s finally here! Your chance to be the belle of the ball, the pimp of the party, the king of the hill, and any other cliched ___ of the ___ things you would want to be. Just imagine the looks on the faces around you when you whip out your own home-grown Ponceman or SAP.

Shock and awe ain’t got nothing on us! We will send you 100% real Perry Brother DNA and you get to play Mad Scientist and WOW your friends. Imagine the possibilities! Make your own Ponceman. The sound of BOOBIES! would fill the air. Create a SAP and let him run wild in the kitchen... your own personal chef who’s also quite the cuddler! But don’t stop there... cross the DNA and make a SAPonce or  a PAP. Why not mix a little PBDNA with your own and see what you end up with. Or simply put the decorative little PBDNA boxes on display to drive your friends crazy with envy. No matter which way you decide to experiment it is guaranteed to NOT be boring. Get yours today!

Genetic engineer not included.